Use of Technology

Use of Technology


To create efficiencies to improve our customer service delivery, we have:

  • An advanced phone system with dedicated community association phone lines, phone numbers, and fax numbers that ring or fax through directly to staff
  • Faxes converted to a file that appears on staff’s workstations, reducing paper waste and improving personal response time
  • Handheld voice recording devices used during inspections, downloaded at the office, and instantly create hard copy inspection notes
  • Consistently updated specialized Community Management database software


Realtor Website Info

We have a link to our website that greatly reduces the amount of time real estate agents must spend tracking down basic information for communities under our management. Realtors can log onto to view essentials such as assessment rates, frequency of payment, common area amenities, etc.



Stratford Management
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Phone: (520)795-6500
Fax: (520)795-6501

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